Vice President, Digital Marketing

It takes a special kind of courage to build a career on envisioning the impossible — fortunately, Tony is no stranger to exploring the unknown without a map. With over 15 years of expertise in the digital marketing space, Tony combines analytics, strategy and adaptability with a creative, can-do approach to artfully deliver new solutions to clients across a variety of industries.

From developing cutting-edge brand awareness campaigns for Chicagoland electrical unions to drafting workplace social distancing protocols before office wide regulations were the industry standard, Tony prefers to custom-tailor solutions based on challenges businesses will face, ensuring organizations are prepared for the complex future of digital marketing. To achieve this, Tony employs a background steeped in content marketing design, creative development, integrated digital campaign strategy, plan development, lead generation campaign management, social media content creation, community management, email marketing campaign development and more.

The son of a union drywall hanger and secretary, Tony’s blue-collar roots deeply impact both his work ethic and his family-oriented approach. In addition to being the proud father of two children, Tony is a music enthusiast, a follower of cycling and an avid fan of the infamous Calvin and Hobbes comic strips — strips he credits with teaching him just about everything he’s learned thus far.

Prior to joining the Harbinger Group in 2014, Tony served as Marketing Communications Manager for Koenig & Strey and Communications Coordinator for the Chicagoland Apartment Association.

Tony Bosma