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Our Process
Our Process


Critical Analysis

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Strategy Development

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Brand Positioning & Messaging

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Our Process



Our Process


Evaluation & Insights

Data tells a powerful story, but strategic interpretation is the key to telling it well. We demystify the complexities of data and research and use it to build the foundation for your brand. We focus on what matters most to your business and leave out the rest so your audience only hears what counts.

We will tailor the 6 phases of our proven Brand Activation Marketing Model (BAMM) based on your needs and budget to establish an ownable, unique and ultra relevant story for your organization. The insights we gather will fuel the formation of a powerful strategic communications plan, and our team of marketing experts ensures successful implementation of every element

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Our Process

01: Critical Analysis

Every project begins with a comprehensive, data-focused examination of the current state of your business to build a framework for understanding your market, competitors, and opportunities. By grounding our knowledge in your today, we build your tomorrow.
  • White Space Audit: We go beyond the standard competitive analysis and assess what aspirational brands within your niche are doing to better define opportunities for your organization.

  • Earned Media Audit: An objective review of non-paid media earned by your organization and competitors allows us to quantify what is impacting your category’s share of voice and to further identify opportunities.

  • Messaging Audit: Internal, external, and spokesperson messaging is reviewed to understand what you’re communicating as it relates to your company’s personality, performance, and prestige.

  • Social Media Audit: Comparing and assessing your activity and engagement on all relevant social media platforms, and that of your competitors, helps us identify opportunities for an enhanced, meaningful presence.

  • Partnership Audit: Possible collaborations are assessed by analyzing the potential impact of strategic partnerships on your objectives based on their agenda
Our Process

02: Strategy Development

The most effective communication strategies are developed alongside comprehensive data insights. Based on our findings during the critical analysis phase, we will build out a communication plan with clearly defined goals, taking into consideration all high-level elements required for effective activation.

  • Brand Planning: A clear brand plan ensures alignment across all stakeholders, maximizes efficiency, and protects the integrity of your brand strategy.

  • Workflow Mapping: Clarity around roles and responsibilities across all stakeholder teams fosters consistency, timeliness, coordinated processes, and effectiveness of outcomes.

  • CEO Brand Wheel: Visualization of where CEOs or stakeholders are effectively communicating and areas in which they can improve serves as a checkpoint in developing your brand strategy, messaging, and marketing tactics.

  • Scorecards: Evaluating and scoring your processes and opportunities based on factors including purpose alignment, stakeholder impact, target audience, and more helps determine their potential benefit to your overall strategy.

  • Keyword Mapping & Planning: In-depth analysis of keyword relevance, authority, search volume, and competition identifies a list of keywords that will be used to optimize content for search in earned, owned, social, and paid media initiatives.
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Our Process
John Doe
Our Process

03: Brand Positioning & Messaging

Clearly defining your brand positioning and core messaging is a crucial prerequisite to developing any marketing campaign. We will dig deep into the foundational elements of your business to develop a clear brand guide, messaging playbook, visual asset library, and more to promote consistency among your team and all stakeholders.
  • Brand Purpose: Defining your brand with a simple purpose statement will guide all marketing and operational decisions.

  • Brand Positioning Framework: Supporting key messages, proof points, and customer-value propositions help us build a conceptual map of what you want your brand to be known as and associated with in the marketplace.

  • Brand Narrative: A cohesive and compelling story that encompasses the facts and feelings evoked by your brand purpose provides you with the language to describe your brand and foster connection with your target audiences.

  • Brand Pillars: Identifying key focus areas establishes a general guide for creating content, establishing partnerships and pursuing earned media opportunities.

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Our Process

04: Planning

Planning the tactical elements to achieve your goals requires careful consideration of your organization’s internal capacity and capabilities. We will customize and build out a step-by-step execution plan, tailored to your business, to get your brand message out to your target audience through a communications editorial calendar, a content activation plan, and tactical roadmaps.
  • Opportunity Roadmap: Building a clear roadmap of the milestones you wish to hit over the next year allows us to track potential opportunities for brand activation, including an editorial calendar, upcoming events, or award opportunities.

  • Communication Plan: An established and robust communication plan, including key messaging themes, topics, and platforms, keeps the focus of all activities on your brand presence goals and milestones.
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Our Process
John Doe
Our Process

05: Activation

We will create the marketing campaign assets required to execute your communication strategy, and partner with your team to effectively and proactively launch them across all channels in your marketplace.
  • Earned Media
    • Media relations
    • Contributed content writing and placement
    • Media interview prep
    • Media monitoring
    • Webinars/industry panels
    • Podcast guest booking
    • Guest blogging
    • YouTube show guest booking

  • Owned Media
    • Website
    • Blog
    • Podcast
    • Email
    • Newsletters
    • Events
    • Webinars
    • YouTube Channel
    • Social Media

  • Paid Media
    • Digital and print ad buys
    • Geotargeting
    • Google search ads
    • YouTube
    • Facebook
    • LinkedIn
Our Process

06: Evaluation & Insights

We monitor and measure campaign performance using world-class analysis tools in order to adapt and enhance your strategy and content moving forward. We are competitive with ourselves and always strive to improve performance, so constant optimization is our top priority.
  • Progress reports: Biweekly and monthly snapshots of your campaign’s performance allow us to track progress against our goals and keep our efforts on course.

  • Analytics reports: Consistent analysis and reporting on real-time data across all channels gives us a clear picture of the state of each campaign element.

  • Optimization insights: Data-informed insights about which elements of your campaign worked well and which can be optimized allow us to plan for future campaigns.
*This list represents a comprehensive overview of all the support we offer. Your service package may vary based on your needs and budget.

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