Eileen Rochford


Curious to her core, Eileen never stops learning. Digital marketing, executive leadership and operational efficiency are three of her top interests that are imbued in her approach to communications. She  is best known for her passion for superior performance,  success and achievement and her ability to generate unique and creative ideas that advance the mission and goals of her clients. She typically works closely with leadership teams, particularly CEOs and CMOs.

Eileen is responsible for leading strategy development, creative ideation, and overall account performance at THG. She founded The Harbinger Group, a Women-Owned Business, in 2003 with the firm’s president, Michael Beyer.

She brings 25+ years of corporate communications experience providing high-value results to small and mid-size businesses. She has worked largely with companies in financial services, education, professional services, private-equity, and insurance sectors. Her specialties include B2B communications, corporate brand strategy development, CEO branding, leadership communications, digital PR strategy,  issues management, and executive presence..

She is the co-host of the business communications podcast, Can You Hear Me? Over the course of her career, she has trained for and completed 6 marathons while raising her son and daughter.

Eileen Rochford