What makes Eileen tick isn’t any one brand, strategy or objective — it’s an undercurrent of curiosity that propels her to constantly tackle challenges in new ways.

With a communications approach that puts operational efficiency, executive leadership and digital marketing front-and-center, she’s committed to finding unique and creative solutions that help her clients speak meaningfully to the people they want to impact most.

At The Harbinger Group — a Woman-Owned Business she proudly founded in 2003 — Eileen is responsible for leading strategy development, creative ideation and overall account performance. Using the pioneering and proven THG Brand Activation Marketing Model, she helps clients demystify data by strategically interpreting it and using it to build modern brand foundations. 

With 25+ years of corporate communications experience, Eileen’s work history has turned her into a tour de force of industry know-how. Collaborating with businesses in finance, education, professional services, private-equity and insurance sectors, she’s developed a well-rounded, renaissance-style expertise that reflects her many (and ever-expanding) passions. Her specialties include B2B communications, corporate brand strategy development, CEO branding, leadership communications, digital PR strategy, issues management, and executive presence.

As co-host of the business communications podcast, “Can You Hear Me?,” Eileen speaks with subject matter experts on everything from the politics of post-COVID corporate practices to the national impact of Supreme Court decisions. Despite her busy personal life, which includes completing six marathons, raising a son and daughter, and acting as pet-parent to several furred friends, Eileen makes sure to find time to rest, relax and recharge…before getting curious all over again. 

Eileen Rochford