Media Training Services

Get Better At Media Interviews in Three Hours!

  • The Harbinger Group captures your messaging, media target types and goals, and trainee areas of focus in a pre-training survey to tailor your media training experience
  • Then, simply schedule three hours on your calendar for an immersive media training that will erase all fear when facing any interview

Our media training will give you:

  • A clear message map derived from your existing messaging
  • Facility using media interview best practices in any interview type
  • Four tailored practice interviews, real-time feedback on your delivery, and a detailed post-interview recap document that outlines what you can do to further improve
  • Budget: $7,500
Media Training

The Harbinger Group conducted media training with me and a fellow CEO. They did a great job putting together the key messages, and then trained us how to deliver them through mock scenarios, preparing us for any type of inquiry.

John Blair

John Blair

CEO at the Ogle School

Media Training Team

Media Training

Eileen Rochford

Founder and Chief Executive Officer
25+ Years of Experience
Media Training

Mike Beyer

President and Chief Media Officer
25+ Years of Experience
Media Training

Kellie Kennedy

EVP, Strategic Earned Marketing
20+ Years of Experience
Media Training

Rob Johnson

Crisis and Media Training Consultant​
20+ Years of Experience Former CBS Broadcast Anchor
Media Training

Emily Evans

Digital and Social Media Manager
10+ Years of Experience Former ABC Broadcast Anchor