The Harbinger Group

Can You Hear Me? Podcast: Interview Communications Best Practices: Advice from Marketing Agency Leaders

Are you interview ready? With the onset of The Great Attrition, companies are expecting many new hires and many young, entry level employees are finding themselves asking what are the best practices for interviews in this highly competitive time. In response, this episode of the Can You Hear Me? podcast focuses on what employers are looking for and evaluating when interviewing candidates. The goal of today’s discussion is to shed some light on how job candidates, particularly those who are newer to the workforce, can best position themselves for success when applying and interviewing. Joined by agency leaders of The Harbinger Group’s team, host Eileen Rochford and team members Kellie Kennedy and Tony Bosma answer various questions posed by young job candidates to explore the best advice and guidance on how to stand out as a candidate and how to communicate to your best advantage when interviewing for jobs in marketing communications.