Tondalaya Washington

Operations Manager

Tondalaya Washington is an experienced executive assistant and office manager with valuable public relations agency tenure. A proactive and forward-thinker, Tondalaya is able to maximize ease and efficiency for each leader she supports.  Colleagues praise her for being indispensable to a smooth workday, crediting her support, office curation and quick thinking.

At The Harbinger Group, Tondalaya is responsible for managing the firm’s operations and supporting account leaders and project managers. In her role, she actively facilitates cross-account functions to support efficient and effective deployment of deliverables for our clients.

Tondalaya has managed people and processes for over 20 years. She is skilled in event logistics and volunteer management, having worked for a global humanitarian aid organization and supported the growth of two Chicago-based event planning and memorial service businesses. She’s loyal, trusted and detail-oriented.

Tondalaya’s favorite color is yellow and her cat Tommy is not too shy for cameo appearances in meetings.

Tondalaya Washington