Graphic Design Associate

Karol is a graphic designer and an alum of DePaul University. Having taught herself how to use Adobe programs, Karol has developed a unique way of approaching graphic design. At THG, the uniqueness and edge that Karol brings can be seen in the brand’s recent transformation and visual social media presence. Her professional journey began when she aided in marketing for a program of Urban Gateways called Teen Arts Pass and continues to develop at THG and many Chicago arts venues in the present day.

Outside of design, Karol has a BA in Psychology with extensive experience in research and developmental psychology. Participating in DePaul’s Social and Intergroup Perceptions Lab, Karol presented her research findings as the first speaker at conventions such as Society for Personality and Social Psychology in 2021 and Midwestern Psychological Association in 2021.

With this experience, she is able to combine her design, research, and marketing skills into creating targeted and effective visual imagery for THG clients.

Karol Skoczen