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The Importance of Employee Morale: Ways to Ensure Your Workplace has High Morale

What is morale? 

Employee morale is an essential aspect of any successful business. It refers to the overall sense of well-being, motivation, and satisfaction among employees. Having positive morale in a workplace can lead to a productive and efficient workplace. In contrast, a low morale can result in a lack of motivation, low productivity, and higher turnover rates. It is so important for businesses to prioritize employee morale and take steps to maintain and/or improve it.


How to Increase Morale

There are many different factors that contribute to employee morale: job satisfaction, recognition and rewards, work-life balance, and communication are just a few examples. Workplace culture, leadership style, and overall company values also play a significant role in employee morale. If an employee does not share the values of their place of work or an employee feels underappreciated, that will most likely result in low morale.


If you notice the business you work at needs to increase morale, one thing that can be done is providing opportunities for growth. Learning new skills is crucial to any role and offering opportunities that allow employees to learn new skills is a great way to increase morale. Providing learning opportunities can keep employees feeling motivated and engaged in their work. Training programs, mentorship, and conferences are some ways that employees can learn new skills.


Another way to boost morale is having effective communication in the workplace. Post-pandemic, a lot of companies are now virtual or hybrid, and communicating fully online can be difficult for some employees. Utilizing tools like Slack, Asana, and Google Teams or Zoom are great ways to maintain communication and delegate tasks in the workplace when employees cannot meet face-to-face. Offering one-on-one meetings and feedback on tasks are great ways to offer open communication among employees. This will help build strong relationships between employees and management.


Employee recognition and rewards are a great way to increase employee morale. This can be as easy as saying “Good job!” or as formal as hosting an awards banquet. Something we do at The Harbinger Group is post employee spotlights in our “You Rock!” Slack channel. This is a great way to make employees feel appreciated and show that their hard work is not going unnoticed.


Employee morale is critical for the success of a business. While there are many ways to increase morale, and I only touched on a few, it is creating a positive work environment and making employees feel appreciated that are the most important. Fostering a culture of growth, collaboration, and respect creates an equal and engaged workplace. Prioritizing employee well-being and satisfaction can create a more productive workplace and result in a successful business.