Public Relations and Marketing Intern

Olivia Sowacke is a dedicated junior currently pursuing her studies at Columbia College Chicago, majoring in public relations. Her academic journey is highlighted by her strong aptitude for research and writing, as well as crafting persuasive and compelling messages to effectively convey ideas, capture the attention of audiences, and drive meaningful engagement.

In addition to her academic pursuits, Olivia has gained valuable hands-on experience in the realm of educational non-profits, social media management, and event planning, all of which have enriched her marketing and public relations background. Her involvement with these organizations has deepened her understanding of the role communication plays in conveying companies’ missions and engaging with their target audiences.

Olivia’s desire to forge meaningful relationships has been the driving force behind her career aspirations. She envisions a future where she can help companies foster and nurture lasting connections with their clients, recognizing that these relationships are the cornerstone of successful businesses.

Olivia Sowacke