Marketing and Public Relations Intern

Madeline Ganoe, a senior at Loyola University Chicago majoring in Advertising and Public Relations with a minor in Marketing, is a dynamic professional contributing valuable skills to our company. With a foundation in crafting impactful press releases, media alerts, and backgrounders, Madeline’s proficiency extends to meticulous media list management, reflecting her strategic mindset and prior agency experience.

In addition to her role in social media campaigns, Madeline excels in client relationship management, demonstrating a creative flair and dedication to staying informed of current industry trends. She applies her expertise in strategic communication to contribute meaningfully to essential client functions, ensuring a seamless integration of brand messaging across various channels. Madeline’s commitment to excellence is further evidenced in her comprehensive approach to client activity reports and bi-weekly competitive analyses, showcasing her analytical prowess and contributing to our team’s strategic decision-making. Her multifaceted skill set, and client-focused approach, make Madeline an integral asset to our team, ensuring we continue to push boundaries and achieve new milestones together.

Madeline Ganoe