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Powering the Future: Energizing Construction of Renewable Energy Infrastructure

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As demand for more sustainable and environmentally conscious energy sources grows, the infrastructure to support the increasing needs of consumers and businesses must grow with it. Spurred largely by government incentive programs at the state and federal levels to incentivize consumer adoption, the need for accurate information about how to safely transition to renewable energy sources has become a necessity.

All forms of renewable energy – from electric vehicle chargers to photovoltaic (PV) systems to battery storage – have two things in common: the need for electricians and electrical contractors to safely install and manage these systems and the need for consumers and businesses to be educated on what making the transition will mean for them.

Enter The Harbinger Group’s partnership with our long-term client Powering Chicago, the electrical industry labor-management partnership between IBEW Local 134 and the Electrical Contractors’ Association (ECA) of Chicago and Cook County. Since 2019. The Harbinger Group’s partnership with Powering Chicago has evolved and expanded to intentionally grow awareness of their unparalleled expertise in renewable energy electrical construction through content marketing campaigns.

The Harbinger Group was chosen after an extensive search to assist Powering Chicago in increasing its brand presence digitally and in the Chicagoland marketplace. After performing a thorough assessment of our current and long-term goals, The Harbinger Group worked intimately with the Powering Chicago team to develop, implement, and execute strategies that have multiplied our impact and presence throughout the various identified mediums. Thanks to The Harbinger Group we are on our path to not only achieve but exceed established goals.

Client since 2019.

Elbert Walters III

Elbert Walters III

Executive Director at
Powering Chicago

Strategy & Execution

The transition to renewable energy systems creates a prominent business opportunity for Powering Chicago’s members. To capitalize on this moment, The Harbinger Group’s team immersed themselves in research in renewable energy and interviewed the experts, Powering Chicago’s member contractors. The genesis of this effort was a strategy rooted in data and expertise and the identification of two primary objectives:

The Harbinger Group developed an integrated communications campaign designed to reach key decision-makers in the industrial and manufacturing industries through content marketing, digital advertising, organic social media, earned media, securing speaking panel opportunities, and facilitating event sponsorships.

By scouring the latest reports from the government, media, and other reliable research institutions, in addition to interviewing expert member contractors, our team produced two eBooks that served as foundational elements for this work:  

From these eBook chapters we developed multiple fact sheets to drive earned media coverage, blog development, social media posts and lead generation.

Content from each topic was strategically launched to coincide with major events Powering Chicago was prominently featured in to maximize the exposure for our client. The EVSE eBook was featured at the 2023 Chicago Auto Show – where Powering Chicago was a Premier sponsor. The Solar eBook was launched right before the 2023 Midwest Solar Expo – where Powering Chicago had a large presence as an exhibitor.

Content marketing and earned media served as key tactics to reach our first objective (awareness) and our digital advertising campaigns were the catalyst to reach our second (securing new business leads). Messaging and imagery for ad campaigns were tailored to reach Powering Chicago’s target audiences and delivered to customized audiences on LinkedIn and Google. Our goal was to reach decision-makers in industries in which Powering Chicago members sought to increase market share (industrial, manufacturing, commercial real estate, education, retail, automotive, municipalities, medical facilities, etc.).


What made this campaign so successful was The Harbinger Group’s adaptation of best practices to reach decision-makers in the industrial and manufacturing industries and our ability to efficiently adjust and pivot as needed throughout the duration of the campaign in order to secure goal-exceeding results.

Our efforts drove more than 900 business leads for Powering Chicago member contractors and assisted them in securing new projects in the renewable energy sector.

Our coaching and media training prepared Powering Chicago’s executive director to speak to the organization’s mission in media interviews in a clear, concise manner – interviews that were part of 77 earned media articles secured by our team.

By consistently monitoring our progress during the campaign and optimizing our tactics, we were able to increase Powering Chicago’s website traffic by 20%.